Shway Shway, Chipsy Gayy!


You can't have any. I ate them all.

On the whole, Egyptian food is not as exciting as, say, Levantine food. In Turkey, one can eat something new every day and much of it will be delicious. There are good Egyptian dishes, of course, and very palatable (and cheap) street food. But in general it does not compete with the best national cuisines. (Feel free to argue in the comments – I’d love to read a passionate defence of Maloukhiya, although I doubt it will persuade me to actually enjoy the stuff).

But the Chipsy company has come up with a work of staggering genius. Chilli pepper and lemon flavoured potato crisps (or chips, for those of the US persuasion). They should start exporting these everywhere immediately. As I tweeted the first time I tasted them:

World domination in a foil package.

Get some if you can. You can’t have mine.

The title of this post is a riff on a famous old Schweppes commercial – approximately, “hold on, Chipsy’s coming”

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4 thoughts on “Shway Shway, Chipsy Gayy!

  1. Elaine says:

    God Bless your tummy!!!
    Not envious……not a chilli fan!

  2. Jason says:

    This isn’t new – you can get chilli and lemon crisps in the UK! You need to move back here!! 😉

  3. Hi…my best friend is obsessed with these and I’m trying to get a box for her. Do you know of a website I can order them from?

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