New adventure coming

A week from today at this time I should be on a plane leaving for Tunisia. Unlike coming to Cairo, which is returning to an old friend, this will be a venture into new territory for me. However, all the Tunisians I have been in contact with about my visit have been delightfully helpful and welcoming, so I feel connected to the place already.

Leaving Egypt will also allow me some time to process my impressions of what is going on here in a more thoughtful way, I think. There is no substitute for being in a place if you want to begin to understand how it works. But Egypt is complicated enough to discourage quick conclusions in anybody who is actually paying attention.

Between now and then, more turmoil no doubt. Saturday’s anniversary of Mubarak’s departure from office will see some combination of strikes and civil disobedience. Quite how disruptive this will be to what passes for normal life in revolutionary Egypt is unclear. I’ll let you know.

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