NCA Seeks National Dialogue over Draft Constitution – Tunisia Live : Tunisia Live

This process is clearly not perfect. But it seems far more transparent and responsive than the chaotic way the new constitution was put in place (imposed?) in Egypt.


  • Members of the NCA representing the local governorate, members of the Joint Board for Coordination and Drafting, and consultants for the NCA are meeting with the public, including students and concerned citizens
  • Additional meetings will be held abroad for members of the Tunisian diaspora to express their views
  • Constitutional law professor Kais Saied commended the NCA efforts to draw citizens’ participation, but expressed concern with the low level of attendance and the extent to which the public’s comments will be considered in the drafting
  • The first draft of the constitution, released in August 2012, was heavily criticized for failing to protect gender equality and free speech. Under pressure from civil society representatives, the NCA altered the clauses to remove ambiguity.
  • Dividing responsibilities and tasks among the president and the prime minister is still not decided


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