Labor Union Demands Compensation for Families Affected in 2008 Uprising – Tunisia Live : Tunisia Live

History, not just compensation, at stake. UGTT remains one of the few political forces capable of challenging Nahda effectively, not only on economic issues.


  • The Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) spearheaded a general strike yesterday in Redeyef two weeks after the NCA adopted Decree 97 in which only the families of the martyrs and wounded of the Jasmine revolution will be compensated. The strike directly protested the “exclusion of the martyrs and wounded of the 2008 revolution” from Decree 97, stated an official statement by the UGTT.
  • The primary purpose of reviewing Decree 97 to include the affected families in Redeyef is to establish “the historical truth” of the Jasmine revolution’s timeline, said Hajji.


    Redeyef’s residents undertook the 2008 uprising to protest against what they considered as unjust hiring practices by Gafsa Phosphate Company after the results of a round of hiring were announced on January 8, 2008. Five locals were killed and 41 wounded in the ensuing unrest.


    For him and the residents of Redeyef, the 2008 uprising laid the foundation upon which the Jasmine revolution could take form on December 17, 2010 in the town of Sidi Bouzid.


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