Report: 88 tortured, 34 killed in Morsy’s first 100 days | Egypt Independent

If Morsi doesn’t get a handle on this quickly, he should expect no peace from protestors, the media etc. Of all the things that drove people into the streets in January 2011, Khaled Said’s battered face and the countless other abused bodies of Egyptians were at the top of he list.


  • A report by the Nadim Human Rights Center said police abuses of human rights in Egypt have not changed significantly in the first 100 days of President Mohamed Morsy’s term, saying that dozens were either killed or tortured by police.


  • at least 34 cases of death at the hands of police in police stations, prisons or the streets
  • seven cases of rape, mostly of men and minors, with one case of a woman detained at a police station
  • eight cases of activists who were kidnapped and detained in unknown places, interrogated by unknown men, beaten and tortured
  • forceful dispersion of at least ten protests, including protests by Nile University students, teachers and organized labor


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